How to add scheduling Calendly platform to your live chat

In this article, we will show you how to add Calendly or any other scheduling platform to your live chat

Written by ElenaLast update 2 years ago

When customers reach out to you via live chat software as one of the main communication channels on your website or an app, you might want to add a scheduling platform to your live chat such as Calendly.

We provide direct integration with Calendly but you can also add any other URLs to your live chat.

How can I add Calendly to my live chat?

  • From there switch a toggle to the right near "Enable Calendly in the messenger".

  • The input field will appear. Type in a Calendly URL to the field without the "https" part.

  • And click on "Save changes" in the top right corner.

You added your Calendly link to the settings. Now go to the page where the live chat is installed and check it.

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