How to see if your contact is unsubscribed or blocked

In this article, you will learn how to see if a contact unsubscribed from your emails and if you have blocked him

Written by ElenaLast update 11 months ago

In this article, we explained to block, unsubscribe and delete contacts. Now we want to show you how easy it is to identify if a contact is unsubscribed from your emails or is blocked.

How can I see if my contact is unsubscribed or blocked?

  • Go to the inbox and find your contact. You will see his state near his name at the top.

  • Or open a full profile of your contact from the inbox section as shown on the screenshot.

  • You will see if a user or lead is unsubscribed or blocked on the top left side near the name.

  • You can also open a full profile of your contact by clicking on him on the Contacts page.

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