Getting started with your new Help Center

In this article, you will learn about all the tools your Help Center offers you to bring your customer support to the next level

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The Help Center is an important tool for every customer support team to navigate and educate customers and make their lives easier. In this article, we talked about what is a help center and why you need one.

Now, let's deep down into all the main features and tools at your disposal in your new help center.

The main features of the help center are:

  • Organize your help center in articles and collections

    The help center offers you to create Collections to categorize the information you want to provide to your audience.

  • A multilanguage help center ensures that your support content resonates with your global customer base, instilling trust, reducing frustration, and enhancing the overall customer experience. 

  • AI Training: When you enable your AI assistant, she will learn automatically by all your articles. Whenever you edit, create, or delete an article we'll train immediately your AI Assistant.

  • The Article editor will allow you to enrich your articles with:

    • Youtube, Vimeo videos

    • JPG, PNG, GIF images

    • Text Editor

    • Move an article to a different collection right from the editor

    • Change an author of the article

    • Add Keywords to your articles

  • Article customer feedback: Your customers will be able to leave feedback at the end of every article.

  • Reports will help you to improve your articles based on:

    • Feedback report

    • Failed searches report

    • Article views

    • Trending articles report

  • AutoSuggest with help center articles in your live chat

    The automatic search feature allows the Help Center articles to appear in your live chat when your client sends you a message with a keyword that will trigger articles tagged with the same keywords.

  • Custom help center domain

    Set up your own domain or subdomain to be recognizable on the internet.

  • Integrate Help Center into your live chat

    You can integrate your Help Center into the live chat, so the customer can search for the articles right from the chat widget.

  • Customize Help Center appearance to match up your help center with your branding:

    • Main color

    • Logo

    • Favicon

  • Footer: Add custom links and social links to the footer to stay connected with your customers over social media

  • Add Google Tag Manager to your help center: Control your help center website by adding Google Tag Manager to it. Add your Analytics, Hotjar, and many more.

  • Google indexed articles: Thanks to the Help Center articles, your business keywords will be ranked by Google.

Do you have any questions about the features of the Help Center? Send us a message.

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