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You can handle as many different products or websites in your Customerly account. Here is how

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A project in Customerly is the entity used to define one of your projects or websites. For example, the company ACME will have a Customerly project named ACME.

What happens when you want to manage multiple projects without signing up with another email?

Well, you can create a new project within your account and then switch between them.

Some things you need to know before creating a new project.

Each project can be customized and it will be a separate bucket. This will allow you to separate your contacts, conversations, help center, campaigns, chat appearance and much more.

Each project will have its Customerly plan and invoice. You will need to add your billing info and CC details as well for each new project you are creating.

Let's go back to the creation and management of multiple projects

Click on your profile picture on the bottom left navbar.

From here, click on the selected project you have been working on.

Now click on "Create a new project" and follow the instructions.

From now on you will be able to see your Customerly projects by repeating the first steps and you will be able to switch by clicking on them.

On a side note, notifications will work seamlessly. Whenever a new notification is coming from company A, we'll redirect you to your company A.

Feel free to reach out if you need more assistance by setting up your project 🙂

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