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At Customerly we believe in a fair pricing model while serving you the best possible option based on your company's needs. It doesn't matter if you want to use our support services or marketing automation tools, you will find a plan that meets your needs and your growth.


Our solutions vast from Customer Support to Marketing Automation and Customer Satisfaction and help you with the different stages of your company's growth.

You can choose any of the following plans:

  • Essential

  • Startup

  • Pro

  • Enterprise

Each plan has tailored features based on the company's size.

Plans differ in features, the number of teammates using them, and interactions.

Features: Any functionality or a set of functionalities makes Customerly the great communication suite you will love.

Teammates: Any Customerly project might have multiple accounts that can access it. Any account will have its own email and password to access its projects. A single account might access different projects and switch between them without logging out and in.

Interactions: As the name implies, interaction is a valuable interaction your business has with a customer, such as a new conversation (to which you reply) or an email sent. Discover more about interactions.

All the plans mentioned above offer monthly or yearly subscriptions.


3 Free Teammates - 1,000 Interactions - $7mo

The essential plan is perfect for a solo founder or a couple of entrepreneurs in need of a centralized inbox and a solid email marketing tool to deliver product updates.


6 Free Teammates - 10,000 Included Interactions - Starting at $39mo

A startup plan is the greatest companion for a relatively small team that wants a unified point of contact with their customers while benefiting from Marketing automation and a more robust automation and support solution.


10 Free Teammates - 20,000 Included Interactions - Starting at $82mo

Who chooses the Pro plan is getting serious with Automation that helps the team to reduce the workload on support and marketing operations. It provides a complete suite for the customer success team to identify weaknesses and strengths of the product with in-app surveys and NPS.


15 Free Teammates - 50,000 Included Interactions - Starting at $249mo

Larger teams will benefit from the enterprise plan with team insights, localization, tailored onboarding and prioritized support to help your enterprise scale with the right tools to be always on track.

Plan features

Each plan differs for the features needed at each stage of the company's growth and this is how they are distributed in our plans.










Free teammates





Included Interactions





Live Chat

Team inboxes

Help Center

Mobile App

Canned Responses







Search contact

Chat transcripts

Chat triggers





Email Marketing

Marketing Automation


Rest API

Help center in Chat

Conversation Tags

Chat with us

Private Notes

Typing Previews

Schedule Messages

Teammate Mentions

Forwarding Emails

Reorganize Help Center

Pre-Chat questions

Premium templates

Custom lists

Custom domain Help Center

Video chat

Auto reply

Help Center Reports

Email click Heatmap

Track companies

In-app Surveys

Replies Assignment

NPS Survey

Team Insights

Instant Translate

Promoter Redirection

One2one guided integration

On top of the features you are getting an included amount of teammates and interactions, but you can customise your plan with more of them.

Plan customisation

The Startup, Pro and Enterprise plans can be tailored with additional teammates and interactions based on your needs.

If you are good with the features the startup plan offers and your team is growing bigger than the 6 included teammates, you can now add teammates individually and pay an extra amount.

Same thing with interactions. If you are content with the features a startup plan has, you can add more interactions to use more marketing automation or email.

Yearly or monthly

We charge our services monthly or yearly, starting on your billing date. When you choose a plan, you will be billed at your next billing date after the free trial period ends (+14 days).

When you choose a monthly plan, you will be charged on the same day. If your billing date is on the 3rd of April, the following charge will happen on the 3rd of May.

When you choose a yearly plan to save 2 months a year, you will be charged after 365 days from your initial billing date.

Free trial and billing date

Your billing date starts at the end of your 14-day free trial.

E.g. You sign up for a free trial on the 1st of January, you will complete your trial on the 14th of January, and your billing date from now on will be on the 14th of every month.

When you choose a plan, you will be able to start a 14-day free trial, and at the end, you will be required to add your company billing details if you haven't done it yet.

When you set up your billing information, at the end of the 14-day trial, you will be automatically charged for the payment we have on file.

Dunning and insolvent

When the payment on file fails our transactions, we'll try again after 1, 7, 13, and 14 days.

During this 14 days period after your billing date, if any payment was provided, you will be moved into an insolvent state and you will not be able to use any service anymore.

Your subscription will be automatically cancelled.

To reinstate your subscription after an insolvent status you need to contact us.

On-demand charges

When you customise your plan, you will have a number of included interactions and that's your starting point that will be charged on a monthly basis. All the extra consumption will be charged on-demand.

This means that if you need to send a few newsletters more this month, you will be charged by actual consumption and the next month, your bill will be back to your initial customisation.

Eg. Your Pro plan includes 20,000 interactions. If you want to send a newsletter to 40,000 people, you will consume 20,000 extra interactions by sending it.

You have two options: update included interactions in advance or paid on demand.

If you decide to update your monthly included interactions by adding 20,000 interactions, you will end up paying $39 on top of your Pro plan.

If you use 20,000 interactions more during your billing period without updating your plan in advance, we are applying on-demand charges at the cost per thousand on-demand.

What if the next month, I won't use any extra interaction?

No worries, you will pay what you agreed for, the Pro plan with the 20,000 interactions included.

If you consume more interactions in a given month, you will be charged an extra on-demand fee per interaction.

The on-demand fee starts from as little as $0.001188 per interaction to $0.006, depending on your included interactions.

This is a table of the tiers applied for pre-paid and on-demand interactions.


Cost per pre-paid

Cost on demand

From 1 to 1,000



From 1,000 to 5,000



From 5,000 to 10,000



From 10,000 to 20,000



From 20,000 to 50,000



Above 50,000



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