What is an interaction?

We believe charging by interaction is fairer than charging per user. This is what we consider an interaction

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Since the majority of the business nowadays are doing business with a fraction of their contact base we decided to align our offer to this value.

This is why we are now charging per interaction rather than contact.

What is an interaction?

As the name implies an interaction is a valuable interaction your business has with a customer such as a new conversation (to which you reply) or an email sent.

Customerly allows you to have multiple interactions with your customers from your conversations to the automated messages so here's a full list of what we consider an interaction:

  • A new unique conversation received to which your team replied to

  • Any email sent to:

    • reply to a conversation when the customer goes offline

    • send a conversation transcript

    • engage automatically via Workflows

    • deliver a one-shot email

    • deliver an NPS Survey

  • Any In-app Survey sent

We believe this is the fairest pricing in our industry. The price follows your economic growth rather than the contacts count.


We know it might be challenging to estimate the number of interactions you might consume and here are a few examples:

Here is a Software company with 2,000 users, and 1,000 MAU only support activities.

528 Interactions were used in a month.

Another Software company with 170,000 users, 12,000 MAU, 11 active Workflows, and 2/3 one-shot campaigns per month.

54,428 Interactions were used in a month.

Another Software company with 1,020,000 users, 400,000 MAU, 11 active Workflows, and 3/4 one-shot campaigns per month. 487,683 Interactions were used in a month.

As you can see the customer support activities are weighing very little on the interaction consumption. The load is more on email-sending activities in most cases.

Our customers are very happy about being charged by interactions since it feels more aligned with the value perceived from the solutions we are offering.

If you want to see your interaction usage you can visit your Project settings > Billing > Interactions.

If you have any questions regarding your interaction, click on the chat and let's have an interaction 👋

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