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If you want to get notifications when someone is opening a new conversations check out this tutorial

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Getting notified about a new incoming chat is super essential to convert or quickly support your customers.

This is why we have created a few ways to get notified every time someone opens a new conversation:

  • Web push notifications

  • Mobile push notifications

  • Email notifications

Before getting into how you can enable each of them to be sure that you are receiving notifications you will need to understand when and how Customerly send you notifications.

When will you receive notifications?

Let's say a new conversation will be assigned to the Sales team, and the sales team has 3 people in it (Nadia, Luca and Matteo) they will receive the notifications based on their own preferences.

The preferences are based on teammate level and that means that while Matteo could have activated only the mobile notifications, Nadia could want all three while Luca has disabled them all.

When will you NOT receive notifications?

  • If the conversation was assigned automatically by smart assignment rules to a teammate or a team you are not into.

  • If you are active on Customerly you will not receive external notifications (we don't want to bother you this much).

How to check which notifications you have enabled?

Go to your account preferences -> Notifications. From here you can see and decide which notifications you want to get.

You will have 2 choices here:

  • Enabling/Disabling all the conversations assigned to you

  • Enabling/Disabling all the conversations assigned to a team where you are in

For each of them, as you can see you will have a switch to select the channel where you want to get those notifications.

What if I've enabled them all and I cannot get any?

  1. Check if you are in the team that is getting the notifications under teams.

  2. If you are not getting web notifications please check the desktop notification tutorial.

  3. If you are not getting mobile notifications try to check your iPhone or Android settings for the Customerly mobile apps and check if the notifications are allowed.

If you are still not getting notifications on your mobile, try to log out from the app, delete it, and reinstall it again.

Check the notifications troubleshooting tutorial if you still have problems.

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