How to Collect Lead Data for Marketing Communications

Learn how to collect lead data and send marketing communications in a GDPR compliant way

Written by ElenaLast update 10 months ago

When leads contact you via chat, you have the opportunity to collect their data and send them marketing communications, as long as they have implicitly accepted your terms and conditions.

In order to be GDPR compliant, you need to add a profiling question to ask leads if they would like to receive marketing communications. Check the video below for an example.

Once they have opted in, you can send them newsletters and other marketing materials.

It's important to note that when users interact with the chat, they are accepting your privacy policy, not Customerly's.

Make sure to add the URL of your privacy policy to the chat to present it to users during their interaction.

To achieve it, go to your Project Preferences > Messenger > General settings.

Add here your privacy URL without the https:// prefix and save your settings.

By following these steps, you can collect lead data and send marketing communications in a legally compliant manner.

Now the next step is to learn how to create a list of people that accepted your marketing terms. Check out this tutorial on how to create a list.

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