How to set up your Help Center domain with AWS Route 53

Learn how to set up your Help Center domain with Route53 AWS

Written by ElenaLast update 1 year ago

If you are ready to verify your Help Center custom domain with Route53 AWS, here is what you need to do:

  • First, you need to go to settings and set up your custom domain in there. Check this article on how to do it.

  • Then, once you set up your custom Help Center domain (for example ), then set your Help Center to "Active" and click on "Save settings" button. You will see the yellow message under custom domain: "We are deploying your SSL certificate, hang on, it will take around 20 minutes".

  • After setting up settings in Customerly, Access AWS Console and search for Route 53.

  • Click on the Hosted Zones

  • Select a chosen zone

  • Then click on "Create record" button on the Records page.

  • Select CNAME Record from the list under Record type.

  • Add support under Record name to the Value field

  • Click on "Create records" once done

  • In about 20- 30 minutes, the record will be verified, and you will see it in the Help Center settings.

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