Set main language for your help center

Used as the fallback language for your help center, the main language you choose is the key to start translating your help center articles into different languages

Written by ElenaLast update 1 year ago

By setting up your Help Center's main language, you select the language your Help Center will show as the first language.

Choosing the main language, keep in consideration these tips:

  • Your main language is used to let you automatically translate your articles and collection from

  • Whenever an article or collection is not available in the customer's language, we'll redirect them to the main language

  • It will be used as a fallback language when the customer asks questions in your messenger.

To set your main language:

  1. Go to your Help Center Localization Settings

  2. Choose your language

  3. Save changes

You are now all set. All your collections are now in the selected language.

You will see nothing changing now, but this will help us roll out the Multi-language Help Center without creating any disruption.

You can translate the articles automatically when the Multi-language Help Center is released, as shown below.

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