How-to guide on editing articles

In this article we will show you how to use all editing tools in the article editor to enrich your articles

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In this article, we explained how to create an article in your Help Center. Now, let's see what editing tools you have to create outstanding instructive articles.

How do I find my tools?

The tools are placed in the top bar above the article.

What tools do I have in the editor?

  • Edit your fonts:

    • Bold (Ctrl + B shortcut)

    • Italic (Ctrl + I shortcut)

    • Underline (Ctrl + U shortcut)

  • Add Heading to the article

    • H2

    • H3

    • H4

  • Order your list by:

    • numbers

    • bullets

  • Add code to the article (Ctrl + E shortcut)

  • Add a link or a hyperlink to the article

Add video to the help center article. In order to add your Youtube or Vimeo videos, click on the Enter key where you want to include your video with your cursor and click on the Video Icon.

What are the special features of the editor I should know about?

  • If you don't make a space between paragraphs, don't worry, we programmed it automatically.

  • If you accidentally make mistakes or need to delete something in the editor, use the Ctrl + Z Undo short key.

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