How to create new collection in your Help Center

In this article, you will earn how to create a new collection in the help center

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When you want to categorize your articles and group them, collections are the best way to handle them. In this article, we talked about what collections are. Now, let's discuss how to create a new collection.

How do I create a new collection?

  • Go to your Help Center

  • On the Help Center page, you will see a page called 'Collections'

  • Click on 'Create new collection' in the top right corner

  • Once a 'Create collection' window opened, select the icon from the icons list

  • Create a title for your collection

  • The slug (URL) will be filled out automatically once you name your collection

  • Add some description to your collection so the customers will easily find the information they are looking for

  • Click 'Save collection'

  • The new collection was created. You will see it on the 'Collections' page at the bottom of the list.
    Check this article to learn how to reorganize your collections.

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