How to Add a Loom Video to Your Help Center Article

Learn how to easily add a Loom video to your Help Center article

Written by ElenaLast update 11 months ago

If you want to include a Loom video in your Help Center article, there are no specific size restrictions to worry about.

All you need to do is insert the Loom video URL and we will automatically integrate it for you. Here's how:

  1. Open the article editor in your Help Center.

  2. Place your cursor where you want to include the Loom video.

  3. Click on the 'Video' icon in the editor toolbar.

  4. Paste the Loom video URL into the provided field.

  5. Click 'Add Video' to add the video to your article.

That's it!

Your Loom video will now be embedded in your Help Center article.

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