Add social media and custom links to your Help Center page

In this article we will show easily you can add custom or social media links to your Help Center footer

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In this article we learned how to customize your Help Center appearance, now it's a great time to add your social media links or other links to the footer of the Help Center to stay connected to your audience everywhere and make sure they know where else your customers can find you.

How do I add custom and social media links to my Help Center footer?

  • Go to your Help Center

  • You will find 'Footer' under 'Settings'

  • You can add these social media links under the 'Social' section:

    • Facebook

    • Instagram

    • LinkedIn

    • Twitter

  • You can add custom links under 'Footer links', for example, it can be a link to your blog or your website. To add a link, click on the 'Add link' button

  • To preview how the footer will look like with all the links, click on the 'Preview' button

  • This is the example of the footer in the Help Center

  • Once you added your links, click on the 'Save changes' button

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