Can the AI be trained on my past conversations?

Learn about the capabilities of AI in learning from past conversations and how it can be utilized to enhance your help center articles.

Written by ElenaLast update 6 months ago

At present, our AI Assistant is not designed to directly learn from past conversations. However, there's an innovative approach that harnesses the power of AI to continuously improve your customer support: using AI to create help center articles.

Understanding AI Limitations and Capabilities

Our AI technology, while advanced, does not currently have the capability to autonomously learn or evolve based on past interactions. This means it won't analyze previous conversations to modify its responses or behavior automatically. However, this doesn't limit the AI's effectiveness in providing high-quality customer support.

Leveraging AI to Enhance Knowledge Bases

One of the most effective ways to utilize our AI is by transforming your support interactions into insightful help center articles. This process essentially 'trains' the AI indirectly by expanding the knowledge base it can draw from. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Gather Valuable Interactions: Start by identifying past conversations that yielded effective solutions or clarified complex issues.

  2. Create Help Center Articles: Use the 'Create Articles with AI' feature to turn these interactions into comprehensive, easy-to-understand help center articles. This tool allows you to effortlessly convert exchanges into valuable content.

  3. Update AI Sources Regularly: Regularly updating the sources like Help Center articles and Canned Responses ensures that the AI Assistant remains accurate and relevant. By adding new content based on past interactions, you're indirectly training the AI to handle similar queries more effectively in the future.

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