Can I set a usage cap for the AI in Customerly?

Explore the options for controlling AI usage in Customerly, focusing on current limitations and strategies for effective management.

Written by ElenaLast update 6 months ago

Currently, the Customerly platform does not provide a direct feature to set a usage cap specifically for AI operations. While this might seem limiting, understanding and managing your AI usage effectively is still key to controlling its impact on your overall system.

Navigating Without a Direct Usage Cap

Even without the ability to set a strict usage limit, there are strategies you can adopt to manage your AI utilization:

  1. Regular Monitoring of AI Use: Keep an eye on the frequency and extent of AI usage. This helps in understanding usage patterns and identifying areas where efficiency can be improved.

  2. Optimize AI Feature Utilization: Ensure that features like AI Missions, Chatflows, and the AI Assistant are used efficiently. This can help in getting the most value out of the AI without unnecessary overuse.

  3. Scalability and Budget Planning: As your business grows, so will the usage of AI. Planning your budget with this growth in mind is important, considering how customer interactions and AI usage might increase.

Effective Cost Management Strategies

Even though you can't set a usage cap, you can still manage the impact of AI on your overall system:

  • Assess Cost-Benefit Ratio: Regularly evaluate the benefits you get from AI features against their impact on your system. This will help in determining if you are maximizing the value of your investment.

  • Refine AI Interactions: Continually update and refine the AI interactions to ensure maximum efficiency. This might involve tweaking AI Missions or updating the knowledge base to reduce redundant or unnecessary interactions.

  • Review and Adjust Regularly: Conduct periodic reviews of your AI usage and adjust your strategies as needed. This could mean reallocating resources or modifying how you deploy AI features.

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