What are chatflow templates?

Chatflow templates are pre-built workflows designed to quickly automate various customer interactions using a combination of AI and specific intents.

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Chatflow templates are pre-configured workflows that allow you to quickly set up and automate customer interactions. These templates leverage a mix of AI capabilities and specific intents to handle a wide range of support scenarios, making it easier to implement effective customer service solutions without starting from scratch.

Available Chatflow Templates

Here are the main chatflow templates offered by Customerly to streamline your customer interactions:

  1. Create Your Own

    • Description: Craft your custom Chatflow by blending AI intelligence with tailored messages to engage customers in meaningful dialogues that drive results.

    • Use Case: Ideal for businesses with unique requirements not covered by standard templates.

  2. Full-Scale AI Support Automation

    • Description: Harness the full power of AI with this Chatflow, designed to autonomously manage and resolve support conversations by tapping into a rich database of help articles and smart, predefined responses.

    • Use Case: Best for comprehensive customer support, automating responses to common inquiries, and ensuring consistent information delivery.

    • Requirements: AI enabled, Help Center published with articles or Canned responses for the best results

  3. Refund Mission

    • Description: When a user asks for a refund, this Chatflow collects the necessary data automatically and assigns the task to support.

    • Use Case: Streamlines the refund process by gathering essential information upfront, reducing handling time, and improving customer satisfaction.

    • Requirements: AI enabled, a published chatflow with AI Assistant

  4. Bug Detective

    • Description: Streamline bug discovery by capturing critical details upfront, facilitating a faster and more effective response from your development team.

    • Use Case: Perfect for technical support teams to efficiently gather bug-related information, leading to quicker issue resolution.

    • Requirements: AI enabled, a published chatflow with AI Assistant

  5. Refund Automator

    • Description: Navigate payment issues with ease by collecting all necessary information to expedite the refund process and enhance customer satisfaction.

    • Use Case: Useful for handling payment-related queries, ensuring all relevant data is collected for a smooth refund experience.

    • Requirements: AI enabled, a published chatflow with AI Assistant

  6. Account Issue Support

    • Description: Expedite the resolution of account-related queries, including password resets and account modifications, ensuring users regain access swiftly and securely.

    • Use Case: Ideal for support teams managing account issues, providing a structured approach to resolving common account problems.

    • Requirements: AI enabled, a published chatflow with AI Assistant

  7. Trial Extension

    • Description: Simplify the trial extension process with an automated system that evaluates and implements extensions, offering users more time to experience the value.

    • Use Case: Suitable for SaaS companies looking to extend trial periods based on user activity and interest.

    • Requirements: AI enabled, a published chatflow with AI Assistant

  8. Plan Upgrade

    • Description: Facilitate smooth plan upgrades by collecting pertinent user information, ensuring the sales team can provide a personalized upgrade experience.

    • Use Case: Helps sales teams manage upgrade requests efficiently, capturing necessary details to recommend appropriate plans.

    • Requirements: AI enabled, a published chatflow with AI Assistant

Benefits of Using Chatflow Templates

  • Time-Saving: Quickly deploy effective Chatflows without needing to design from scratch.

  • Consistency: Ensure uniform handling of common queries and issues, providing a reliable customer experience.

  • Flexibility: Easily modify templates to suit specific business needs or customer scenarios.

  • Scalability: Efficiently manage increased volumes of customer interactions with minimal additional resources.

How to Use Chatflow Templates

  1. Choose a Template: Go to Chatflows, Click on the plus button and select a template that matches your specific need or support scenario.

  2. Customize the Flow: Adjust the predefined settings and messages to align with your brand's tone and requirements.

  3. Activate the Chatflow: Publish the Chatflow to start automating customer interactions.

  4. Monitor and Optimize: Regularly review performance metrics and customer feedback to refine and improve the Chatflow.

Chatflow templates are a powerful tool to enhance your customer support strategy. By leveraging these pre-built workflows, you can automate key interactions, ensuring efficiency and consistency while freeing up your team to handle more complex issues. Whether you need to manage refunds, troubleshoot account issues, or facilitate plan upgrades, there's a Chatflow template to meet your needs.

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