How to use the set property action in chatflows?

The Set Property action in chatflows allows customers to define and assign values to properties dynamically during a chat, enhancing personalization and data management.

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The Set Property action in chatflows enables you to assign values to specific properties dynamically. These properties can be related to the user, company, or conversation, allowing for personalized and contextual interactions.

Setting Up the Set Property Action

  1. Target Property: Choose the property you want to set. This can be a user, company, or conversation property.

  2. Property Value: Define the value for the property. You can insert a static value, recall an existing property value, or mix a custom string with multiple properties.

How to Define Property Values

  • Direct Value: Enter a static value directly.

  • Existing Property: Recall and use an existing property by writing {{ and selecting from the dropdown.

  • Mixed Value: Combine custom strings with properties. For example, construct a URL with user ID:


Example Uses

  1. Personalized URLs

    • Scenario: Create a personalized URL for each user.

    • Configuration:

      • Target Property: custom_user_url

      • Property Value:{{}}

    • Flow: The chatflow assigns a unique URL to each user, which can be used in subsequent messages or actions.

  2. Dynamic Data Collection

    • Scenario: Collect and set project ID based on user input.

    • Configuration:

      • Target Property: transfer_data_from_project_id

      • Property Value: {{company.company_id}}

    • Flow: The chatflow captures the company ID and sets it as the project ID for further processing or API calls.

Benefits of Using Set Property Action

  • Flexibility: Dynamically assign values to properties based on user interactions and existing data.

  • Personalization: Enhance user experience by personalizing messages and actions using contextual data.

  • Efficiency: Streamline data management by automatically setting and updating properties during chatflows.

The Set Property action in chatflows provides a versatile way to manage and utilize dynamic data within your customer interactions. By defining and assigning property values effectively, you can create highly personalized and efficient workflows, improving overall customer experience.

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