How to use the company chooser action in chatflows?

The Company Chooser action in chatflows allows users to select their associated company, automatically setting the company and its properties for use in subsequent actions

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The Company Chooser action in chatflows triggers a selector in the chat, enabling users to choose their associated company.

Once a selection is made, the action automatically sets the chosen company and all its related properties under the {{company}} object.

This allows businesses to use company-specific data in REST API nodes, messages, and other actions.

Setting Up the Company Chooser Action

  1. Trigger Selector: The Company Chooser action presents a list of companies related to the user for selection.

  2. Automatic Setting: Once the user selects a company, the action sets the chosen company and its properties.

  3. Utilize Company Properties: Use {{}}, {{}}, and other properties in subsequent nodes like REST API calls or message actions.

REST API Integration

  • Scenario: Integrating with an external service using company data.

  • REST API Call:

    • Method: POST

    • URL:

    • Headers:

      • Authorization: Bearer {{api_token}}

    • Body:

  "company_id": "{{}}",
  "company_name": "{{}}",
  "contact_email": "{{}}"

  • Flow: The user selects their company, and the selected company's properties are used in the API request to integrate with an external service.

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