How to use the collect data action in chatflows?

The Collect Data action in chatflows allows businesses to ask multiple questions consecutively, storing the collected information in conversation or contact properties for personalized follow-ups and data management.

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The Collect Data action in chatflows enables you to gather information from users by asking multiple questions one after another. The responses are stored in conversation or contact properties, allowing for personalized and efficient data handling.

Setting Up the Collect Data Action

  1. Question Sequence: Define the sequence of questions you want to ask the user.

  2. Store Responses: Choose whether to store each response in a conversation or contact property.

  1. Sales Use Case

    • Scenario: Gather information for a sales lead.

    • Questions:

      1. "What is your company name?"

      2. "How many employees do you have?"

      3. "What specific services are you interested in?"

    • Properties:

      • contact.company_name

      • contact.employee_count

      • contact.services_interest

    • Flow: The chatflow asks each question, storing responses in contact properties to personalize follow-ups and tailor sales pitches.

Benefits of Using Collect Data Action

  • Comprehensive Data Collection: Gather detailed information from users through a structured sequence of questions.

  • Personalization: Store responses in properties to personalize future interactions and improve customer experience.

  • Efficiency: Automate data collection, reducing manual entry and ensuring accuracy.

The Collect Data action in chatflows is a powerful tool for gathering detailed user information efficiently. By asking multiple questions and storing the responses in conversation or contact properties, businesses can personalize interactions and streamline data management, enhancing both support and sales processes.

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