How to use the choice action in chatflows?

The Choice action in chatflows allows businesses to present multiple options to users, guiding them through different paths based on their selections.

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The Choice action in chatflows enables businesses to present multiple options to users, allowing them to choose their preferred path. This interactive feature enhances user engagement and personalizes the customer journey by offering tailored responses based on user choices. Additionally, the response can be stored in a contact or conversation property for future reference.

Setting Up the Choice Action

  1. Message: Craft a message that introduces the choices to the user. For example, "How can we help you best?"

  2. Choices: Define the options that users can select from. Each choice will lead to a dedicated path within the Chatflow.

  3. Save User Choice: Optionally, store the user's choice in a contact or conversation property for personalized follow-ups or future interactions.

Examples of Using Choice Action

  1. Support Requests

    • Message: "How can we help you today?"

    • Choices:

      • Need support

      • Speak with sales

      • Product suggestions

    Flow: Each choice leads to a specialized path. For instance, selecting "Need support" routes the user to a support agent, while "Speak with sales" might gather contact information and notify the sales team.

  2. Product Feedback

    • Message: "What feedback do you have for our product?"

    • Choices:

      • Feature request

      • Report a bug

      • General feedback

    Flow: Depending on the choice, the chatflow might direct the user to a form to submit detailed feedback, or initiate a conversation with a support representative for further assistance.

  3. Service Selection

    • Message: "Which service are you interested in?"

    • Choices:

      • Web development

      • Digital marketing

      • Graphic design

    Flow: Each choice leads to a different set of questions to better understand the user's needs and provide relevant information or quotes.

Benefits of Using Choice Action

  • User Engagement: Increases interactivity by allowing users to make choices that tailor their experience.

  • Personalization: Collects data that can be used to personalize future interactions and improve customer service.

  • Efficiency: Quickly directs users to the appropriate resources or teams, reducing response times and enhancing satisfaction.


The Choice action is a versatile tool that enhances the interactivity and personalization of chatflows. By offering users clear options and guiding them through customized paths, businesses can improve engagement, streamline support processes, and deliver a more tailored customer experience.

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