How to troubleshooting your notifications

Sometimes notifications won't work due to a misconfiguration of the account settings or the device settings. Check this tutorial to see how to resolve them all.

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You have enabled all the notifications but still, you cannot receive them. Here is a complete tutorial on how to be sure you completed all the necessary steps to receive your incoming notifications.

First, be sure you have followed all the instructions in this article.

We offer 4 kinds of notifications and here we'll cover them one by one.

Common reasons why notifications are not working

  • If you are not in the team receiving the conversations, you will not be notified.

  • If you don't enable them on your account settings, you will not be notified.

  • If you currently have Customerly open somewhere else, you will not be notified.

  • Sometimes when you have multiple Customerly Projects or accounts it happens you are logged in with the wrong one. Check if you can see the conversations when you open the app.

  • Each Customerly project has different notification settings for each account. Check your Account Settings for each Project and be sure you have enabled all your notifications.

Desktop Notifications

The desktop notifications are served through your browser, whenever someone is sending you a new message and you are not present on any platform, we'll send you a browser notification (aka Desktop notification).

Be sure your browser notification status is not denied as shown below.

If they are Denied, Bingo! That was your issue.

To solve it, just click on "Click here to activate it". This will show you a popup as you can see below.

Click Allow and you have now given us permission to send your browser notifications.

Now as you can see, you will have a long ID close to the Active label, but if you have the desktop Notifications disabled you will NOT receive desktop notifications.

Enable them, and click Save Changes on the Top right.

As soon as you subscribe, we'll send you this confirmation as a notification.

There might be another reason why you are not receiving browser notifications and that is mostly because you have a focus on your computer that is not showing your notifications.

Please check this tutorial on how to Turn a Focus on or Off on a Mac.

If you run on Windows, please follow this tutorial instead.

Tab and sound notifications

If you enabled the Browser audio notifications you will get a sound whenever someone is writing and a flashing tab like in the screenshot below.

If you are not getting the browser audio notification it might be an issue with your browser performance settings.

Chrome introduced a Memory Saver settings that will idle your non-active browser tab.

This means that Customerly will not be able to work properly if you have this setting enabled.

As a consequence, the incoming conversations will not be notified with a sound and flashing tabs because of this.

To whitelist Customerly from your Chrome Memory Saver follow these steps:

  1. Go to this URL chrome://settings/performance

  2. Click on Add as shown below

  3. Enter and click Add

Mobile notifications

If you are not getting mobile notifications it might be one of the following reasons:

  1. Your OS is blocking your notifications with Focuses for example. Try to follow these tutorials for iOS and Android.

  2. Somehow your Notification Identifier changed and you will need to log out and log in again.

  3. If the issue persists, try to delete the app and reinstall it.

Email Notifications

When you enable email notifications it might happen that your inbox will mark them as spam. To avoid this from happening you can add our email to the contacts.

The email we use to send you notifications is

  • Whitelist Customerly from your Google Mail with this tutorial

  • Add our email to Office 365 whitelist with this tutorial

If you followed all these steps but you cannot still receive notifications, please write us via chat describing what you did, and which platform are you not getting notifications from and we'll help you.

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