How to set business hours in the live chat

In this article, we explain how to let your customers know when your team is working.

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Business hours feature in the live chat is a necessity.

Remember: if you set up business hours in the live chat and the leads that contact you for the first time within off hours, will have to be reached out later. Make sure you require an email address from them to start a conversation, so this way even if you reply later, your message will be delivered to the leads' email address as well.

How do I set business hours?

  • Go to the Project Settings on the left sidebar. Click on "Business hours" under "Messenger".

  • To add business hours, click on "Add hour". Let your customers know when your team is working.

    Note: working hours are relative to your app's timezone. Check this article to see how to set up your project time zone.

  • Select which days during the week you want to display the business hours.

  • Then choose from what time you and your team will be available and what time your business hours end.

  • You can add several business hours at once.

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