Tag contacts in your inbox

Learn how to tag your contacts in your inbox

Written by ElenaLast update 2 years ago

You can assign tags to your contacts in the inbox section to categorize your leads or users and use these tags to improve your customer support, for example, you can use the 'happy customer' tag to define the contacts that are satisfied with your service and improve the service for the ones that are still requiring some improvement in customer service.

How do I tag my contact in the inbox?

  • Go to your inbox

  • Take a look at the right sidebar and scroll it down until you find the 'Tags' menu

  • Type your tag in the tag field. Please note: we accept underscore or a single word value, for example, 'happy_customer'. Once you entered your tag, click Enter

  • You can also copy the existing tags by clicking on 'Copy tags'

And this is how easy it is to add tags to your contacts. Learn more about contact and company properties in your inbox, visit the article.

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