How to add custom properties in canned responses

Learn how to add custom properties in canned responses

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In this article, we discussed how to create canned responses.

What are Canned Responses?

Canned Responses are the selection of pre-made responses that best answer customers' frequently asked questions.,

What are the custom properties?

The custom properties are your contact information such s name, city, country, and so on. Check this complete guide about contact properties.
Let's say you want to send a pre-made response to a user Hannah. The canned response will look like this:
Hello {{name}},

Welcome! How may I help you today?

Once you send it to Hannah, the property name will be replaced with the user's name "Hannah".
Hello Hannah...

How can I add customer properties?

To add custom properties in canned responses, do this:

  • Click on the # button and the canned responses menu will open.

  • Start creating a canned response or manage an existing one.

  • Add {{name}} in a canned response, we will replace the property with the user/lead value when it is recalled. We support any property.

  • And save the canned response.

And done! 🙂  

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