How to unsubscribe your contacts via API

Learn how to unsubscribe your contacts in a bulk

Written by ElenaLast update 9 months ago

If you're using a different email marketing service and need to synchronize unsubscribed users with Customerly, you can easily achieve this by using the Customerly API Endpoint. This ensures that when a user unsubscribes through another source, they will also be unsubscribed in Customerly.

How to Synchronize Unsubscriptions

  1. Refer to the REST API Documentation: Before you proceed, please consult our REST API documentation for detailed instructions on the specific API Endpoint needed for this synchronization.

  2. Implement the Endpoint: Follow the guidelines provided in the documentation to correctly use the endpoint in your CRM integration.

  3. Test the Synchronization: Ensure that the synchronization is working as expected by testing it with various scenarios.

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