How to Obtain Your API Access Token in Customerly

If you need to receive the API access token, check out these few steps

Written by ElenaLast update 10 months ago

If you're looking to integrate Customerly with other platforms or tools, you'll need an API access token. This token acts as a unique identifier and ensures secure communication between Customerly and the external application.

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you retrieve it:

  1. Navigate to Project Settings: Access your Project Settings by clicking on the Setting Icon on the bottom left sidebar.

  2. Head to Installation: Within the Project Settings menu, you'll see an option labeled "Installation."

  3. Find the Public API Section: Under the Installation tab, look for a subsection titled "Public API."

  4. Retrieve Your Token: In the Public API section, you'll find a field labeled "Your Access Token for Customerly." This is where your unique API token is displayed. Make sure to keep it confidential and avoid sharing it publicly.

Note: Always ensure that your API token remains private. Exposing it can lead to unauthorized access to your Customerly account. If you believe your token has been compromised, regenerate it immediately and update any integrations that use it.

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