Setup your webhooks

If you want to be notified from Customerly about your users or leads actions webhooks are the best way to achieve this goal

Luca Micheli
Written by Luca MicheliLast update 4 years ago

Receive a Webhook notification when one of the following events happen in Customerly:

  • New Lead [Called when you get a new lead from the live chat, API or Form]
  • Lead Converted [Called when a lead has been converted in a user]
  • New User [When you get a new user on your platform]
  • Tag User [When one of your users receive a new tag]
  • Tag User Removed [When a tag has been removed on your users]
  • Unsubscribe [When someone unsubscribed from your newsletters]

1. You need to do is following this link to set up your webhook URL as shown below.

2. Check which kind of notification you want to receive on the URL you have selected.

3. To get the payload examples of the Webhooks please check the articles: 

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