Troubleshooting Email Sending Issues in Customerly

Resolve email sending difficulties in Customerly with this comprehensive guide, covering everything from domain verification to preventing emails from landing in spam.

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Facing challenges in sending emails through Customerly can be a common issue, but with a systematic approach, these can be effectively resolved. This guide provides detailed steps to troubleshoot and ensure successful email delivery.

Factors Influencing Email Non-Delivery

  1. Email Server Reputations: The reputation of the sender's email server plays a crucial role. High-reputation servers are less likely to be blocked by major email providers like Google or Microsoft.

  2. Recipient's Email Server Policies: Different providers have unique spam filters and handling policies. Some servers may not be as reliable in processing incoming emails correctly.

  3. Content and Tracking Elements: The use of tracking pixels and certain content elements can trigger spam filters, causing emails to be marked as marketing or spam.

Best Practices for Improved Email Deliverability

  1. Regular Monitoring and Audits: Keep track of delivery rates and patterns to identify potential issues early.

  2. Content Optimization: Craft emails with appropriate language and structure to avoid triggering spam filters. Be mindful of the subject lines and body content.

  3. Understanding Recipient Servers: Conduct research on recipient servers' reliability and rules, using tools like MX Toolbox, to adapt your email strategies accordingly.

  4. Client Awareness and Whitelisting: Encourage clients to check their spam folders and whitelist your email addresses to improve deliverability.

  5. Technical Adjustments: Be cautious with tracking pixels and other technical elements that might influence how different email servers perceive your emails.

1. Verify Your Domain

Verifying your domain in Customerly is a crucial first step. It authenticates your domain and aids in email deliverability. To verify:

  • Go to Project Settings.

  • Access Email > Outbound.

  • Check your domain's verification status. If unverified, follow the instructions to add a DNS record to your domain's settings.

2. Whitelist Your Domain

If your emails are not sent or are marked as spam, whitelisting your domain can help. This process:

  • Can be understood through our domain whitelisting guide.

  • May involve configuring your email server or ISP settings.

  • Ensures your domain’s emails are recognized as legitimate.

3. Set Up Your Email Correctly

Proper email setup within Customerly is crucial for successful email delivery. Ensure that:

  • You follow our step-by-step guide on email setup in Customerly.

  • Your email server settings and sender email addresses are configured correctly.

4. Prevent Emails from Going to Spam

Regularly landing in spam folders can affect your email deliverability and reputation. To avoid this:

  • Encourage subscribers to whitelist your email address.

  • Avoid using spam-triggering language in subject lines and content.

  • Regularly cleanse your email lists of inactive contacts.

  • Refer to our guide on preventing emails from going to spam for more insights.

5. Understand Internal Routing Issues

Sometimes, the issue might stem from internal routing. If preview and campaign emails are not being delivered, it could be because:

  • The sender's domain is the same as the receiving domain, but the actual mailer domain is

  • This discrepancy can sometimes cause emails to be filtered or blocked internally.

  • If you are not receiving emails from Customerly, check with your IT administrator or email server provider to ensure emails from are not being blocked or filtered.

Campaign Submission Status

If you see your email campaign status as "Submitted," it means we are currently reviewing its quality. Once approved, it will be sent out. This review is part of our commitment to maintaining high email communication standards.

Need Further Assistance?

If you're still facing issues after these steps, reach out to our Customer Success Team for help. We are committed to ensuring your emails are delivered successfully.

Customerly's Email System

Our system ensures the quality and security of communications, and while specific details are proprietary, it's designed for efficiency and user-friendliness. Regular quality communications will be recognized by the system, facilitating a smoother process over time.

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