Elevate Customer Support with Our AI Assistant

Discover the future of customer support with our AI Assistant. From rapid responses and complex query understanding to auto-escalation and multi-language capabilities, this virtual agent sets a new standard.

Luca Micheli
Written by Luca MicheliLast update 4 months ago

Have you ever wished for a customer support assistant that could do it all? Meet our AI Assistant—a game-changer in the realm of customer service, designed to make your life easier while delighting your customers.

Where does it get the information from?

Help Center Articles

Our AI Assistant browses through your articles to find the most accurate and relevant answers for your customers.

Canned Responses

The AI Assistant taps into your canned responses to provide quick, consistent answers.

External Sources

Our AI Assistant can even integrate information from external sources to provide a more comprehensive response. Note: This feature depends on your setup and may require additional configurations.

⚠️ Tip: The more documentation the AI Assistant has the better the quality of the responses. Before activating the AI Assistant be sure to have enough knowledge shared in the Canned Responses or Help Center articles.

Pre-defined Intents

You can also define Intents to provide the Assistant very specific intents the customers might have to handle that process in a great way. Read more how to define the intents here.

WOW Features


It's designed to reply at any stage of the conversation, keeping the interaction smooth and engaging. Oh, and did we mention it replies in under 30 seconds? Talk about efficiency!

Advanced Understanding

Imagine a customer asking multiple questions in one go. Our AI Assistant is smart enough to break down each question, search for the answers individually, and then compile them into a well-structured, single response. It's like having a multi-tasking genius at your service.

Global Support

Whether your customers speak English, Spanish, Mandarin, or any other language, our AI Assistant has got you covered. It also recognizes pre-defined intents, ensuring the right chatflows are triggered for specific customer needs.

Escalation and Safety

Nobody's perfect, right? If the AI Assistant senses that a customer isn't happy with an answer or is not 100% confident about the information, it smartly escalates the query to a human agent. And rest assured, it won't ever make up answers; it sticks strictly to the facts.

There are 3 main escalation reasons:

  • Human Requested is when the user asks for a human or the AI Assistant understands that a human is needed.

  • Mission Information when the AI Assistant is not capable of finding in the sources the information to reply to the question. This type of escalation will also provide a predicted message to use and tweak. Whenever a Mission Information escalation happens, we suggest immediately adding a canned response or a Help center article covering this specific case as a best practice.

  • Low Confidence when the AI Assistant is not confident about the answers found in the Sources. This type of escalation will also provide a predicted message to use and tweak. As the Missing information escalation, try to optimize the Sources to cover also this kind of question or troubleshooting.

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