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Discover how to export your contact lists in XLS and CSV

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If you want to export the contacts lists to your desktop in CSV or XLS, we have a very intuitive and easy way to do it on the contacts page.

Why do I need to export contact lists?

Exporting contacts lists allows you to store a hard copy of your client base on your desktop while offline.

How do I export my contact list in CSV or XLS?

  • Go to your contact page

  • Select a contact or company list on the left bar if you previously created a list or filter your contacts/create a list to export the contacts

  • Click on the Export button and select how you want to export the list, in CSV or XLS. Click on 'Export in CSV" or "Export in XLS"

  • The pop-up message will appear: "Export process might take up to two hours. Once you initialize the process, our system will start the download and prepare the document for you. Upon completion, our system will send an email to your inbox with the generated export".

  • Click on "I understand, export now". Once it's successful, you will receive a green message notifying you about the successful export.

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