What are chatflow actions?

Chatflow actions are tasks executed within a Chatflow, designed to guide, inform, and assist customers during their interaction.

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Chatflow actions are the building blocks of your Chatflow, determining what happens at each step of the conversation. These actions help guide, inform, and assist customers, ensuring a smooth and efficient interaction.

Types of Chatflow Actions

AI Actions

AI Assistant

Engage the AI Assistant to handle customer queries autonomously, providing instant responses and escalating issues when necessary.

AI Mission

Automate complex tasks by setting up AI Missions that collect data, process information, and complete specific goals.

Message Actions

Send Message

Deliver rich text messages to users, including images, videos, links, and help center articles. This ensures comprehensive communication.


Present multiple options to customers, allowing them to choose between several paths. Each choice leads to a dedicated path in the Chatflow.

Data Actions

Choose Company

Send a selector to the user with their related companies. Once the user selects a company, it populates a company object you can access or use for REST API requests and more.

Collect Data

Gather information from the user in response to a custom question, storing the data in a conversation or contact property for future use.

Set Property

Define specific properties or attributes for customer profiles, enhancing the personalization of interactions.

Logic Actions


Select a property (contact/conversation/company) and define multiple paths based on the property's value. For example, split the Chatflow based on the user's city and create custom nodes for each option.


Perform an immediate check on any Customerly filters you want to use. The outputs are true or false, allowing for conditional branching in your Chatflow.

Assign to

Automatically assign conversations or tasks to the appropriate teammates or team, ensuring efficient handling.

Launch Chatflow

Handoff the conversation to another specified Chatflow, allowing seamless transitions between different workflows.

Close Conversation

End the conversation once the customer's issue is resolved, maintaining a clean workflow.

Dev Actions


Integrate with external systems using REST API calls to fetch or send data, providing advanced capabilities within the Chatflow.

REST API Templates

Utilize predefined API templates for common tasks, simplifying the integration process.

Benefits of Chatflow Actions

  • Guidance: Help customers navigate through their queries or issues with clear and informative messages.

  • Efficiency: Automate routine tasks, freeing up your support team to handle more complex issues.

  • Personalization: Collect data to personalize the interaction, making customers feel valued and understood.

  • Flexibility: Easily customize and update actions to adapt to changing business needs and customer expectations.

Implementing Chatflow Actions

  1. Plan the Flow: Outline the desired flow of the conversation and determine the actions needed at each step.

  2. Configure Actions: Set up each action within the Chatflow, specifying the message content, data collection fields, or assignment rules.

  3. Test the Flow: Run tests to ensure that the actions are working correctly and that the Chatflow provides a seamless experience.

By carefully planning and implementing Chatflow actions, you can create an efficient and effective customer support experience that meets the needs of your users.

Conclusion Chatflow actions are integral to creating dynamic, interactive, and efficient customer interactions. By leveraging the various action types, you can ensure a tailored and responsive support experience, enhancing overall customer satisfaction and streamlining your support processes.

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