How to assign conversations based on user's data?

If you want to assign a conversation based on the user data, you can use the Smart Assignment Rules. 

Go on your project settings and then smart assignment rules.

From here, The Default assigner for incoming conversation is the very top priority rule.

You can choose to assign automatically every incoming conversation to a team or a teammate. 

  •  If you want to add more rules click on the "Add new rule" button


  •  From the new Rule created click on Edit
  •  Choose a name, add your first condition

  •  Select a state (Eg. Last Page Viewed Contains "SDK")
  • Select a team or teammate to assign the incoming conversations by default

Remember that the priority of assignment is higher on the top. So if you want to give more priority to a specific rule, you should move it on top.

You can filter even on Message context, for example, if a message contains the word "invoice" assign it to the Accountants team.

Here you have a screenshot on how to create such a rule:

That's it. 

You have infinite possibilities with the Smart Rules.