How to create a email template folder and manage it

In this article, we give a quick tutorial on how to create an email template folder and how to edit its name or delete it

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In your Customerly account, you can create email template folders to organize your templates by their topic.

How do I create a folder and how do I manage it?

  • Go to the Emails section under "Messages" in the Outbound".

  • Click on "Create email".

  • If you want to create a new template and organize it in a folder so you can use it later in other campaigns, click on "Create folder".

  • Or you can simply create a folder and come back later to create the template,

  • And give your folder a name. Then click on "Create folder".

  • Then click on the newly created folder.

  • Then click on "Create from scratch" to proceed to the template editor.

  • If you want to edit the name of the folder click on "Edit folder name".

  • If you want to delete it, click on the trash icon.

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