What to do if you receive icoming chat messages in a deleted team

If you ended up in a situation where you still receive replies from customers in a deleted team in the inbox section, don't panic, it can be resolved very easily. There are two things you will need to do:

1. Check the Smart Assignment rules.
2. Once everything looks good in the Smart Assignment rules, check the funnels. It might be a reply from a live chat message campaign in the funnel.

First, go to the Smart Assignment rules page and check if there is the deleted team assigned to any rule on the list.
If you see the team near any rule, just edit the rule and assign a different team to it or delete it at all.

If you went through the rules and don't see the old team assigned to it, move on to the second step - the Funnels.

Check your funnels if there is the deleted team selected under "Who is going to receive the email and chat replies?".

Even if the funnel is active, click on "Actions". 

Then go to the Edit mode and click on "Finalize".  

Under "Who is going to receive the email and chat replies?" you will see the old team. Click on it and select a new one.

Once done, make sure you save the draft or publish it right away.

This is it. You will not receive replies from customers to the old team anymore. 🙂