Build your custom list

Defining a list is the most important part of every marketing campaign. The more specific and targeted is your message the more effective will be. This is why we offer a killer audience creation system.

With Customerly you can create lists based on infinite possibilities. The only limit is your creativity.

Letโ€™s take a look at how to create a segment with your own conditions.

We use two different categories to identify your contact list: Users and Leads. (Visitors, Users and Leads and: what's the difference?)

We have different options to create a condition and can be based on:

  • Properties: custom data you can add on each user or lead. (eg. License_type = pro)
  • Events: custom event fired by users (eg. Added_to_cart)
  • Tags: custom tags added by you or via API
  • Segment: custom segment created by you with certain conditions. (eg. All Paying customers)
  • Campaign: Data from a recent email campaign (eg. the user has opened and clicked)
  • Company properties: similar to user properties but linked to userโ€™s companies. (eg. Acme company has License_type = pro)

If you are confident on what those terms are, go ahead, otherwise, read this guide.

1. To create a custom audience to use in a campaign, automation entry point, survey or NPS go to the Contacts section.

2. Once here choose the contact type: Leads, Users or both. (Visitors, Users and Leads and: what's the difference?)

3. As shown above, select an attribute and insert your conditions.

4. You can also add multiple OR and AND conditions.

5. Instantly your list of segmented users is created and you can save a new Custom segment by inserting a new name on top.

Now you can use your new segment as an audience for your campaigns, automation, surveys or NPS.