Ask for reviews after the conversation has been solved

If you want to create a flow to ask a public review after a conversation has been solved this is the quick tutorial to make it happen easily.

Why is so important to ask for reviews?

You will have social proof that your product is great. And you want to show how much your customers love you. People search for online reviews 90% of the time before deciding to purchase a product.

Let's create a strategy to leverage happy customers reviews social proof.


First of all, let's explore the strategy basics:

  • You want to target only HAPPY customers
  • You want to ask for feedback immediately
  • You want to automate it
  • Redirect to your review service (trustpilot, capterra, g2crowd) 

How to structure the strategy?

1. You need to add a tag to the user at the end of the communication, this is the only process you need to do manually. 

Now let's create the funnel that will do the rest for you. 

2. Create a new funnel clicking here

3. On the Entry point, select people with Tag is "happycustomer"

4. Write cool emails to ask for their feedback. 

We have used this example for the very first email:

Subject: {{name}}, thanks for your conversation of today

{{name}}, we were happy we could help you out today.

Did we do a good job of solving your issue?

If so, could you take a few seconds to tell us about your experience?

Just click here to go right to our favorite review site

Thank you so much in advance,


The second one will be sent after 1 day if they didn't click on the review URL. To achieve this, add a Wait Until node with a condition on the previous email to check if the URL has been clicked:

Subject: {{name}}, I'd love to hear your feedback

Dear {{name}},

Thanks for reaching us out. We'd like to hear how your experience with us went.

Do you mind taking just a few seconds to leave a review?

You can leave your feedback by click here.

Thank you in advance,

Both emails have been tested to land in the Primary folder in Gmail. This means great Open rate.

That's it. 

From now on, when you know that a customer is happy, just add to the user a "happycustomer" tag and the funnel will trigger automatically the email asking for a review for you.